Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Wishes

The question is always asked " If a Genie in a bottle were to grant you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? " . Many will ask for health, wealth, and prosperity, others would wish for world peace, and an end to world hunger. I posed the question to myself, wondering if I were ever given the chance, what would I do? What would I wish for? Well, I think that my wishes have come true without the aide of a Genie. Don't get me wrong, having Barbara Eden blink herself into my living room would be cool, but truth is, through wonders of perfect timing, and being at the right place at the right time, I've found them... all of them. If I could ask for anything , it would be to not be in chicago any more, and to be back in New Jersey. I once said " there is nothing really to go back for in New Jersey", little did I know, that the entire reason why I should be there, found herself in a very amazing small package. Through her, I have found not only love, not only laughter, but I've found someone who proves to me that I am that good, and that amazing.. being someone who has always had self doubt, I haven't picked up on this quickly, and only in the last almost 4 months have I started to see, but without this woman, I would never have seen. You spend a lot of time away in my line of work, and there are great periods where your distraught at knowing your not home, that no matter how hard you extend your arms, you'll still come up ohhh... 783 miles short from wrapping your arms tightly around her. So you are probably asking yourself, what exactly does this have to do with 3 wishes? The shortest of answers, is I don't need them, for she has given me love, a wealth of emotions and feelings, and with her, we prosper together, as boyfriend and girlfriend, as husband and wife to be, and as eternal soul mates. Emily does things for me, be it the text messeges she send me while she's in class, to the bumper stickers on Facebook, all giving me that smile or smirk and sometimes chuckle, thinking how lucky I am to have her by my side. There are times, when it seems I can never thank her, or show her in return how much these small things mean to me, so I end this by saying "Genie, if I were ever to get 3 wishes, my wish is for Emily to know that everything she does, makes my face light up, and my heart leap from my chest, for the last 2 wishes, give one to the rent-a-cop at the galleria in WestChester, and one to the chipmunk peanut gallery at the baseball field"

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