Sunday, March 28, 2010

The role of being the other half

So tonight I am here, random thoughts strung together into a form of wisdom. Today, my love tells me about how she's had a rough day at work, how there have been people talking, perpetuating lies, and when in doubt of their lies, making up more fiction then fact to get the attention drawn to them. So I have a self proclaimed cranky pants - direct quote, who was well on the way to being pissed off. Now as any boyfriend, husband or significant partner would do, I immediately ask what I can do, how I can try to make it not as cranky, but knowing that I'd never deprive someone of their cranky-ness , I send her this comical FB bumper sticker.. suddenly the cranky has broke, a smirk breaks, then a chuckle, then that glare from the otherside of the computer screen telling me, OOOOHhh I want to be cranky, but .. somehow I can't... stay.. trying to hold on.. cranky subsiding, happiness returning.. and we're there. the role of a other half, is not to be an other half at all , but to be the essense which adds joy, happiness, and calm, balancing out the bad of the day, with good, then tipping the scales ever so slightly, to gaurentee that no matter how bad the day gets, when at the end of the night, you look into her, feel her, everything melts away, and your left with a smile, love, and a new dawn to look forward to

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