Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No such thing as flaws, just another form of compatibility

For the last 1 year , 9 months 2 weeks and 4 days I have known this somebody who has completely changed my outlook, perspective, and my love of life, and who has brought forth these emotions, feelings and sensations for which I have never experianced. We look at ourselves, and as you look in the mirror , you see what you've been told you see, by those who have sought to harm you, to bring you down, and as a result your left behind walls, gates, and locks, to keep them out from seeing who you really are. Then when you least expect it, you find that one person, who can see past all that has been before, and can see what is to come, a once gimpy hand, finds its piece in the puzzle of our lives. To this one, she finds that flaws she once felt she had, and had no place for, are now found in him. they fit together, a glance, a slight nod, a short wink of an eye, and two people have now found that neither of them ever had flaws, just that the pieces of their lives, which at one point they thought wouldn't fit, turned out that they were looking for the other half of the puzzle to complete it. I have found the other pieces to the half of my puzzle , and I have found them with my wonderful, incredible, and extraordinary Girlfriend, and Soulmate Emily.. She is the other half of the puzzle one searches a lifetime for, and very few ever get to find. She holds my heart, my pride, my love, and together, though we still may have a few flaws, to us, we fit perfectly together, even our initials stand for what this relationship is A & E - for Always & Eternally

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