Thursday, September 16, 2010

House, Home , and Uni

So after being on hiatus for some time blog wise, tonight is the night I fix that. Sumida finally won, after 22 months working in Chicago and 2 years since leaving New Jersey , he pushed the button and away I went.
Now home for a month, I have met some awesome people through Grace Chapel, re connected with family, and most importantly home together with the love of my life, Em. After enduring months without me being by her side, the wait finally paid off.

Em has sacrificed so much while I've been away in Chicago. You know, people say you know you've found the one, I will always keep saying it, Em is the one- after standing by my side even after flatlining on her in hospital, and my questionable custody agreement with twitch, not once has she turned and walked away. 22 months, think about that number, Twenty-Two .. twenty two months this amazing, incredible sexy woman has stayed true on course, seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel , even when everything else around fell, Em saw that beam of light leading the way. August 18,2010 Em and I embraced, for the first time, as a couple, together, home in every sense of home, our hearts stopped at that moment, we failed to have seperate hearts , seperate minds, we became one heart, one mind, and finally one being , each puzzle piece fitting together, perfectly.

Now the University year has started.. and we both have what some may call an insane course load. Schedules mix, schedules change.. but one thing still remains.. at the end of the day, I can kiss her good night, brush her bangs behind her right ear, and tell her that we've made it through another day, and refill her c{_} of coffee.

In the words I always tell her, sometimes to much chigrin - We'll be fine Hine' , we always find a way no matter what it takes..

We got this School year locked down, we're doing it together, not as a long-distance couple, but as a couple who have become one being together under God.

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